Our history is the result of a strong link between two stories beginning in two different eras, who combine and interchange over the years. Two stories, two families and two different production areas that both, in their field they excel in a magical land: Salento.


In the second half of the Twenties, the Paneses established the old bakery near their house in Specchia. It’s a kind of predestination, because of the meaning of their surname: “bearers of bread” in Holy Land.

In the Twenties Santo Panese established the small bakery according to the old tradition of his illustrious family. People from Salento are famous for being hard-working and this little bakery turns from a familiar context into a real lab for the production of bread and cakes.


In those years he begins a sweet chapter, where the protagonist is Giovanni Martinucci, called Giovannino, was born in Salento area, his father was from Naples. Giovannino worked as a tinker and as a driver for the musical bands, who played in the local festivals. Since he was forced to wait for them, he bought a rudimentary ice-cream machine: an iron bowl, ice and salt, to make time go by while awaiting. Thanks to the typical Italian entrepreneurial attitude of the Forties, the young man goes to the traditional feasts with his equipment to make his ice-creams. His little son Rocco has got the same passion and follows his father. Suddenly their presence becomes an event and in the villages people wait for the band but also for the two confectioners.

When Rocco Martinucci becomes a man, meets Annunziata Panese and the two get married.


Thanks to the skills of pastry-making learnt by his father and those of bread-making learnt by his mother, Rocco Martinucci combines tradition and innovation and in the 1950 he is a successful pastry chef and restaurateur. For this reason the year 1950 is in the company logo.

The small lab Pasticceria Martinucci became a meeting point for the greater Italian confectioners from Sicily, Naples, Veneto, who were interested in Rocco’s skills.


In these years the Martinucci chain arises. In the 1960s and 1970s, Rocco decides to open some sales locations in Salento area, among them we remember those located in Santa Maria di Leuca and Lido Marini, even now open. Rocco is always favored by his wife and his children, who learn by him the secrets of his craft and acquire his passion. Rocco Martinucci’s pastry-making became very famous in Salento area.


When Rocco passed away on 18 December 1981, it’s time to pass the baton to the children.


In 1984 there is a further innovation: they enrich the traditional production with that of cakes, semifreddos and ice-cream, according to the same quality values, on which our choices are based even now.

Ours is therefore a story whose route is stuffed with risks and developments, leaps forward and tradition. The Martinucci logo itself recalls the generations of the family business. “It is a tribute to his grandfather that drew a spiral, like the shape of the whipped cream, when the bride and groom dictated the order of the wedding cake”.

That spiral reminiscent of the clouds in Salento, announcement downpours fleeting, refreshing flavor of the fried seafood shack next to the crowded beach.

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